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Fish Tapes Praziquantel 34mg


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Fish Tapes Praziquantel 34mg 30 Capsules
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Fish Tapes Praziquantel 34mg Tapeworm Dewormer. The ingredient in each capsule is Praziquantel 34 mg. The bottle is labeled for fish use. It can be used on other pets such as dogs, cats, horses, etc..... and commonly used among breeders.  


The only difference in the individualized Praziquantel products for dogs and cats is the mg's per tablet. The dog tablet contains 34mg Praziquantel and the cat tablet contains 23mg Praziquantel.

Praziquantel is used for the removal of tapeworms.
Monthly Dosage for Dogs & Puppies over 4 weeks of age with 34mg Praziquantel: 
5 lbs. & under – ½ capsule
6-10 lbs –1 capsule
11-15 lbs. – 1 ½ capsules
16-30 lbs. – 2 capsules
31-45 lbs. – 3 capsules
46-60 lbs. – 4 capsules
over 60 lbs. – 5 capsules
Monthly Dosage for Cats & Kittens over 6 weeks of age with 23mg Praziquantel:
4 lbs. & under – ½ capsule
5-11 lbs.– 1 capsule
over 11 lbs. – 1 ½ capsules

Fish Tapes Praziquantel 34 mg comes in capsule form. For a lower dosage the capsules can be separated and the powder inside can be divided accordingly.