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Fish Antibiotics and other Pet Supplies

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         Fish Mox                               Fish Mox Forte                             Fish Flex
250mg 100 capsules            500mg 100 capsules            250mg 100 capsules
     (Amoxicillin)                               (Amoxicillin)                             (Cephalexin)

     Fish Flex Forte                               Fish Pen                             Fish Pen Forte
500mg 100 capsules                250mg 60 tablets                  500mg 60 tablets
      (Cephalexin)                                (Penicillin)                                (Penicillin)


        Fish Cycline                        Fish Cycline Forte                         Fish Cillin
250mg 60 capsules              500mg 100 capsules            250mg 100 capsules
      (Tetracycline)                            (Tetracycline)                            (Ampicillin)


         Fish Zole                              Fish Zole Forte                            Bird Biotic        
 250mg 100 tablets                 500mg 100 tablets                100mg 100 tablets
     (Metronidazole)                       (Metronidazole)                         (Doxycycline)     

  Aquafish Amoxicillin                    Fish Mycin                            Fish Mycin Forte
250mg 100 capsules              250mg 60 tablets                   500mg 60 tablets
        (Amoxicillin)                           (Erythromycin)                        (Erythromycin)

           Fish Flox
   250mg 100 tablets                Fish Antibiotics
      (Ciprofloxacin)                          (30 count)     


Other Pet Supplies

          I-Stain                                Fish Tapes
     16 oz powder                              34mg
(Tear Stain Remover)               (Praziquantel)