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Fish Azithromycin is an antibiotic that treats various infections in Fish. Also know as Fish Zithromax, Fish Zmax, and Fish Z Pak.


The presence of bacteria and parasitic organisms is relatively common in both freshwater water fish and fish kept in household aquariums. The use of drugs and medications to treat these ailments is generally accepted as the most effective approach.
Fish Azithromycin 500mg Tablets. This product contains the active ingredient Azithromycin 500mg. For use in the aquarium for treating various fish diseases such as fin rot, tail rot, popeye, etc..... The country of origin is in Asia. It comes on blister pack cards.                          

Fish Azithromycin
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Fish Azithromycin

500mg Azithromycin


Fish (Azithromycin, Zithromax, Zmax, Z pak) exerts a broad range anti-bacterial action on both gram-positive and some gram-negative bacteria. It is generally more effective in gram-positive infections.


Add one tablet (500 mg) into aquarium for each 20 gallons of water. Repeat in 24 hours. It is suggested that a partial water change be made between treatments. While treatment duration depends on the type and severity of infection, it is recommended that extended baths in the medication continue for a minimum of 5 days and for not more than 10 days. Discontinue treatment if no improvement is noted within 5 days.

For aquarium use only. Not for human consumption.

While the graceful movements and fluttering fins of pet fish never cease to fascinate and entertain people, an injured or sick fish may not be as entertaining or enjoyable to watch. Fortunately, there are fish medications available that have been developed to treat various fish diseases and infections. Prevalent among many aquarium fish, Ichthyophthirius multifiliis, otherwise referred to as Ick or Ich, is a protozoan disease that can be fatal if left untreated. As Ick treatments are readily available, it's important for fish hobbyists to monitor the appearance and behavior of their fish regularly in order to identify and treat diseases at an early stage. In addition to Ick and Ick treatments, there are other types of infections and external parasites that fish are susceptible to contracting that can be treated with the correct type of fish medicine or treatment solution. Give your fish the best care possible by preventing them from developing high stress levels, providing them with plenty of food and a well-maintained tank, as well as essential vitamins and minerals, and immediately administering fish medications at the initial sign of a disease or infection.

Other available  Fish Azithromycin strengths:
Fish Azithromycin 100mg
Fish Azithromycin 250mg
Fish Azithromycin 1000mg

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