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Bryopsis Algae


Bryopsis’s shoots are small and erect and grow up to 10cm long.  Its branches are observed with two vertical rows on opposite sides on the main axes.  These lateral branches are uniform length and constricted at the base.  The lower half of its branches are bare.  Bryopsis forms bushy, tuft-like mats, and its fronds are feather-like and measure approximately 8-15 mm wide.  Bryopsis’s root system is fibrous and tightly interwoven.  Also, its color is usually dark green, often with blue iridescence.

Bryopsis is highly opportunistic in environments with excessive nutrients or where water temperatures tend to fluctuate.  This potentially invasive genus produces chemical defenses that are toxic to most herbivorous organisms and easily reproduces from the smallest fragments.  Bryopsis is often referred to as Sea Fern and is usually introduced to aquariums on live rock.

A nuisance for sure, Bryopsis is a weed that has frustrated many hobbyists. Eradicating this type of algae is difficult because it anchors itself well to the rockwork. Very coarse in nature, this plant attracts any type of detritus which it then uses to create its own nutrient base substrate.

Bryopsis is a type of marine algae often mistaken for hair algae. It looks like a tiny fern which make it somewhat easy to identify. It can come in on frags, rock, and anything you can put into your tank. This stuff is close to impossible to rid yourself of, spreads fast, and can take over your tank!

There has been some success with treating Bryopsis Algae with Fish Fluconazole.